Work on Distant Foreign Fields Continues!

As the date for the release of Distant Foreign Fields: The Great War 1914-1918 approaches, we are feverishly working to get this product perfect and out the door! Currently, all map and counter graphics have been completed, a rulebook has been completed, and the last touches are being done. Bill Jhoslien is continuing his great work to polish up the map, event cards, and other items while Eric Grenier and others are perfecting the game system and playtesting. So far the game is testing well and is a real joy to play! And we have been extremely impressed with Bill’s work. Work will continue for the Spring season and we hope by the Summer 2017 Newsletter we can announce that pre-ordering is already underway.

Grenier Games in 2017

A new year has dawned on Grenier Games and we are very excited about what will happen in 2017. The first anniversary of Grenier Games comes on June 4 so mark your calendars! World War II in the West and World War II in the East will be retired soon once the stock is sold out, but we are hoping to eventually release new editions in 2018. In June we intend on having Distant Foreign Fields available for pre-order and we are aiming for July 1 for the shipping date. Over the summer, work will be done on another game with an aimed release of September 2005. Grenier Games is hoping that 2017 will be our banner year as we are very hopeful for and proud of Distant Foreign Fields and are anxious to see ads and reviews for the game in all major wargaming magazines. The year 2016 was just a little taste of what we are capable of.

Future Releases of Grenier Games

Aside from Distant Foreign Fields, Grenier Games has another release planned for 2017, though the subject has not been decided upon yet. We were planning to do a game on the Korean War but we are currently considering a game on the Seven Years War (otherwise known as the French and Indian War) in North Amerca, with a mix of strategic and tactical gaming. The decision will hopefully be made soon and it will be confirmed by the Summer 2005 Newsletter.

Grenier Games on the Web

The best place to learn about Grenier Games is our website: Stay tuned to the website for updates, and place your orders there. Please check the website often to see new additions to the errata page. Our History page will feature the history of the various wars and campaigns featured in our wargames.

The next best place is Consimworld (, the website for wargaming. In the discussion board located there, you can go to the Grenier Games discussion in the Game Compant Support Forum. You can also discuss World War II in the West. Go through the following folders to find it: Boardgaming – Individual Game or Series Discussion – Era: World War II Individual Game – Global or Multi-Front. You can discuss World War II in the East by going to the Pacific Theatre discussion in the WWII Individual Game area. Distant Foreign Fields is located in the Boardgaming – Individual Game or Series Discussion – Era: World War I section. Consimworld is now a pay-site, but there is free read-only access.