Online Roulette 3 JANUARY 2018

Hello, my friends, welcome to a tutorial about my experience about your experience with roulette and what I can do for you to understand many or more things about this game roulette now. My name is Armand Adrian and I am a professional gambler for 15 years 10 years. While I win and the first 5 years was the years like you are right now. So let me explain you more about me to explaining you my background.

How I became successful and how I defeated after 5 years, in which I study everyday roulette and ice gambling. I was telling you everything in this tutorial now. Have you ever tried everything on the internet? You have bought software strategies formulas and you encountered problems. Maybe anything you have tried, it doesn’t work well, I am in your shoes because 15 years ago, from 2003, when I started roulette when I start to study roulette, there was nobody to tell me to teach me many things now all the things which was in that Time was PDF books from Casinoslots, Las Vegas United States, so books from American, successful players, but their stories and their strategies didn’t have one point for me, because at that time I did not understand very good English and it was not easy for me to accommodate with the Strategies which I studied in PDF books – and I thought all so my business was that I was selling original clothes from Italy and I was making a nice income from that. So I was making 3 400 euros per day by selling original perfumes and genuine clothes.

But all my money goes to left because at that time I didn’t know to play in practice mode as you have today. At that time I didn’t know to play for fun. First to train me in the red. I was going in real casinos every day and I was recording what I’m doing every day I was winning to 300 euros and after that I lose all the money and I came back again at house without money, empty pockets, and I started again from the day After tomorrow, I start again and again and again for 5, intensely years now, what I’m trying? What I’m trying to tell you is that I know how it feels to be alone to not find somebody to helping you, and I know what it means to study things from the internet because most of the things, probably 97 percent of the programs you see online. It’S all garbage, it’s all manager, casinos manager, stuff implemented by casinos, who teaching you some free strategies or giving you some free, software’s or 50 euros software’s, and they tell you to play on their casinos.

So this is my friends is garbage is stuff from casinos. They are posting that fish stategies for you to making you learn a little bit about left and in the end, what you will do you will lose all your money, because this treat these threat strategies doesn’t work. I’Ve tried everything and I know what is working. What is not now, in these five years, I’ve studied and invest more than fifty thousand euro in programs trainings about roulette about professional roulette gamblers, and I studied about many successful gamblers in the world, and what I become to be good is that I have understood that Roulette cannot be beaten with a system that can be beaten with more formulas. There is more things about.

Let and there are many calculations you need to make to understand roulette. So in these five years I recorded everything I have done what time it will let him eat the roulette to win and when I was needed to stop to go in with winnings. So after a few four years I become to make my first fifty dollars. Mathematically now at that time, for me, making mathematically fifty dollars was very important for me because losing so much money. I realized that these fifty dollars it will make me millionaire some Sunday, and this is what I become after 15 years. I am millionaire fault of red and I know what I’m talking about so, if you have seen in the past in my tutorials or if you are now to my website and study my word, you will gon na love all my teachings.

There are many free things which I give for free on YouTube and you can study and you can wake up from this dream from this disaster dream nightmare: dream of losing at Roulette. Now, my friends, you need to understand something which it will help you to understand. Red red: it’s a software! Now any roulette, you see in the world anything you watch it till now.

It’S electronic roulette, mechanical roulette doesn’t have anymore. There are no many more in in casinos. Every casinos work with electronic device, even if it’s live, roulette or RNG roulette or electronic, is the same device electronic RNG.

Now there are many who likes to play on immersive roulette or live roulette. There are many who likes to play in life casinos. There are many who likes to play online, but you need to understand something about the secret of beating roulette in the moment.

You know the secret of beating, let you beat any roulette in the world. There is no niche on roulette. You can play on your own.

This roulette on on this other web. You can play on any roulette, so this is from far away. You can understand if you have study for and bought something from the internet. You have learned and heard that they are giving you a strategy, and they telling you well play and register from this link to this account and like that, you can play on only this casino, because this strategy is working on on this casino.

Now you need to understand that that is is not true. If a system is working is working everywhere, but this type of people are affiliates, so the affiliates our partnership with casinos, so any partnership with casino must to spread the link or the banner of their casinos and every time when a person registered from these links they Receive a commission, so I am the gambler and I find us. The ad was free strategy with a link with a banner of a casino. Now, when I click on that casino and I registered myself and I’m losing 1000 euro, for example, the affiliate partnership – because you know receive 150 200 euros Commission’s from casinos, so all what they do and what I want these affiliate partnerships they wanted.

You lose money, because if you lose money they get the and the commission from the casinos. Now you need to understand many things about red and about how psychologically things casinos now casinos. They are very good to explaining you that they give you a rate of 97 % money back. So when you are playing 1000 euro, they telling you that you will ninety nine hundred and seventy euros, so your losses will be only thirty percent.

Well, you need to understand that roulette is not making to win ninety seven percent because each time we we bet. For example, we are one thousand people and we bet everyone to some different numbers when one number came up only the rest of 36 numbers or 37. If you are playing on American roulette all that losses goes to casino money, so let is not making is not made to win 97 percent because he’s made to win only three percent. So, every time when you are playing on the left, you have chances of three percent 2.7 percent. But anyone on the internet telling you that you have – or the casino have only the chance of 2.7 percent, which is not true.

So anything in the roulette, which is, is turn upside with upside down. So if you think that is left, the fact is, that is right is not left so when they telling you that casinos have only two point, seven percent wager to win. The fact is that you have only two point: seven percent chance to win all right now everything about let I will explain you inside my members area, where we were gon na talk, and I will explain you about my programs and what I can do for you, Because, in the last ten years I always win at Roulette, I never lose at roulette now the darkest our the dark hour for you is when you are playing and you playing four to three sessions and the four session you lose. So I have been in that situation. I know how it feels, because you play four one. Two three sessions and the four session is not working anymore or the first time, because I playing and I’m telling about sessions, but for you to understand that these sessions means that you play one time.

So that means to pal for an hour one hour. That means a session, so you need to understand that about principle of casinos. Now they have many many intelligent things which give into gamblers to lose money. Now the next intelligent thing that they have is that they giving you a bonus.

They are awarding you with some bonuses, but in the moment you receive and accept that bonuses. You can’t anymore to take cash out money from casinos, because each time when you receive a bonus, the casino have to wager your amount of money. Two thousand two hundred three thousand times more money than you play or that you receive the bonus.

So if you receive one thousand euro like a bonus, you need to make two hundred thousand euro wager. So you need to gambling for two hundred ten thousand euros, which you will never do in one session or even one casino. If you are playing because casino so intelligent, they know that if they giving you the bonus, you can’t cash out any more money.

So you will gon na lose in the end that money, because you can’t make two hundred thousand euro in in your life. Even if you are playing out roulette – and I will tell you why you can’t make two hundred thousand euro in one casino. Now you need to understand something about casinos online. There are very nice, there are nice because you can play from your house and you can make tons of money in front of your laptop. But what you don’t know is that casinos have terms and conditions.

So in the moment you register to one casino: you don’t know that they’re giving you conditions that if they for any reason, believe you are a scammer or you have artificially conduct the software in your advantage, they can ban you so what it means that they explain That, if they for any reason, they think that you suspicions you will on roulette, they can close your account, so why I’m telling you that you are not able to make two hundred thousand euros from casinos now. Let me explain you because I am millionaire fault of roulette and I know how to make money from casinos now when you are playing – and you add one thousand two thousand euro, for example, in one casino, you need to understand that that casino have a legend for You have a limit where they can. Let in you to play so for limit for two thousand three thousand euro invested is that you can cash out fifty sixty thousand euros, so you will never go in one hundred two hundred thousand.

If you don’t follow my advices now these advices, I give him for the people who paid me to tell him that, but for you who’s in this tutorial, I will giving you for free to understand that I really have the knowledge to be in your lap and The house, so what you need to understand is that, every time when you are playing that roulette, when you will gon na, have a good system – and this is what we will gon na talk in the future, because I was telling you about my secrets and the Fact is the secret of all roulette, so I will explain you that in in the next minutes, but what you need to understand is that roulette have a limitation, so they can giving you few thousands of euros, but they are not stupid and they don’t like winners. So, even if you see on the internet that there are many winners, these winners are not in the fact real winners. These winners are people who are engaged with casinos, who receive hundreds of thousands of euros like a winnings, and this story about these winners are spreading to the Internet and like that, you will access and go to play on that casinos. Now, if you have in the movie industry, you know that cigarettes smokers people who smoke in movies, it’s paid, it’s it’s dark ads is the name. It’S the dark ads.

So it’s a it’s an ad to sell cigarettes tobacco, but in the way that date on giving you fall directly alright. So when somebody creates a movie all the actors smoke, but in the fact they are not smoking alright. So this is the same with casinos on the internet. There are spread hundreds of winners who win hundreds of thousands of euros, but in the fact they are not winning men. They are having only a few they are making is their manager from casinos.

So they are not real winners. Alright, because real winners cannot make hundreds of thousands of euros from roulette – and I will split you wide, particularly from the internet now, because they have these terms and condition when they tell you that if they think that you are suspicious, they will not giving you the Money one what you win now, even if you have and learn and heard – and you see people who have lost or who win hundreds of thousands of euros. Now they have the history. So if I am the gambler and I play one hundred thousand euros when I lose the money, I have my data and I lose the money. So when I have three hundred thousand new laws lost and I cash out and I win 30,000 euros – it’s obvious that they let me to cash out three hundred thirty thousand euros, because I lost three hundred thousand euros. So casinos are not stupid.

My friends and nobody there is nobody to take action for this, so you need to be smart, like casinos, to beat casinos so in the first step until to the end, you will understand even the secret of life, but what I’m trying to explain you is that You need to know how to cash out money from casinos. So in the first step, if you start with one thousand two thousand euro to play, you need to make sessions and you need to make seal 5000 6000 euros when you achieve five thousand six thousand euros. You can shout three thousand euros so, every two weeks, one month you cash out three thousand euros so like that they don’t understand. If you are a professional or a gambler, they will believe that you have to block and some way or somehow you will gon na lose in the end the money.

But this is the nice part, because when you are playing mathematically, you make a mood winning every session. You are playing, but every time when you make five six thousand euros, you need to cash out three thousand euros like that. You are not spam, it. You are not considered an hacker and you have artificially conduct the software of casinos to giving you money so like that they cannot ban you from casinos in the beginning. In the future, you will still be banned in the future when you cash out every three thousand.

Three thousand till 50,000 60,000 euros. You will be banned from these casinos and you need to create an another account to a different, different casino or you can play to the same casino, with a different name and different address and different carved. This is the the part how you are cashing out money from casinos because they are so smart. Now I have student who didn’t respected my advices to cash out 3000 euro per session, so he was so confident because in the moment you study my work. You become confident because you see that you win and he was starting to play in VIP.

So we was adding 5000 euro and he was making 39 thousand euros. So remember when I’m telling you, when you cash out, you need to cash out every time three thousand euros from casinos. So what he has does is to cash it out one time, thirty-nine thousand euros and guess what he has blocking him. Now. The casino is 24/7 calm. If you heard about that casino, you can know right now about that and stay attend about this.

Be aware about these casinos, because if you wield thirty nine forty five, fifty thousand one time so you cash out one time, fifty thousand euro, they will never giving you the money, they will band you. So in the moment they banded you, you completely remove your cancel. It from their accounts, so nobody knows anymore, that you have been in their account. So this is why you don’t have to let casinos to take Vantage er about that, because in their terms and conditions, they have very simple that you don’t have the authority to tell them that you are a good or a bad player all right. So they have the authority for any reason. So that means when they tell you any reason that telling you that, even if you have one, if they believe that you have not won correctly, they can cancel and remove and pended you from their casinos, so beloved friends.

I am here because I beated roulette for ten years now, but I am smart because I understand the power of mathematics and how to beat any roulette in the world. So my friends still now I’ve made more than 650,000 euros from online casinos. Now, what I’m telling you I became, millionaire fault overlap because all my money, which I’ve made I’ve invested in luxury apartments, so now I’d run a business with apartments.

I rent sell and I make many transactions because I am very good in understanding. Even the real estate business, but what I kept telling you is that if you will gon na respect my advices, if you will gon na, buy all my programs, you will beat forever roulette. This is not my only secrets. This is the secrets of roulette, because what I give in to you, step by step when you were gon na, be trained with me, it’s something that nobody gives. You remember what I’m telling you is the same. When I you, you have encountered people who doesn’t even respond you to your emails.

Now, it’s not like that for me, because I love to have my students to help people to be read, but I remember 15 years ago when I was bought something I was messaging testing to these people. Please help me to understand what your point is in your book. Nobody was responded me so even now, if you go and you buy something from the internet, I am very sure that they don’t giving you assistance. They don’t making. You understand how to work. Now.

I’M talking I’m not telling that I’m the only one who beat left, but I don’t know nobody on the internet who make more than me six hundred and fifty thousand euro in ten years from roulette. So this is an amount of money which it makes me feel very good because I don’t know, except my students, people who win at Roulette all right here we go everywhere. You are going everyone. You have heard about one two, three person who have lost money on the left because everybody plays on the left, but this is the nice part, because in the moment you study and apply the mathematics to let you can defeat roulette.

There is time in which you can defeat roulette and there are secrets on how to beat red, because let in all his perfection he’s making one mistake now. This is what we were gon na talk in my programs about the mistakes. Let me so it’s very nice and simply in simpler, but first you need to understand them focus what I am teaching to you every time when you are playing that, let you make three thousand four thousand euro cash out three thousand euro from casinos, because you are Not able to make two hundred euros, you don’t accept bonuses, because in the moment you accept the bonus.

You need to make 20 30 100 thousand euro to be possible to cash out money fault of that bonus, because that bonus in the moment you receive because it’s in the beginning, he received all your winnings from the time you have received. The bonus will be cancel it if you don’t make the wager of one thousand two thousand times the amount of the bonus. So imagine that you need to make two hundred thousand euros to be possible to cash your money. But if you make two hundred thousand euros, it’s impossible to give him.

You take the money because they will telling you that you have crack at the software. So in anyway, you are gambling, you don’t win from left from casinos all right. So this is why we need to be smart. They want that we are playing, but they are greedy, and this is where we have lucky and the power because they are greedy and they never think in free cash of 3000. 3000. 3000.

They never think that we are professional gamblers. They believe that we have few lakh and in the moment you cash of three thousand. They are more curious to letting you to play because they think that you will recover the amount you have win. So this is how you cash or money.

But in a moment when they will see that you cash of 50,000 60,000 euro from their casinos, they will quit. They will understand that they can’t take money from you and they were blocking you, but they will stop letting you playing because they think if they letting you play anymore, you will cash out hundreds of thousands of euros. So don’t think when you see that they likes winners, nobody likes winners, my friends in the casino industry. Nobody likes winners, any winner. You see it’s unpaid person all right, so it’s a paid person like managers are paid to distribute on the Internet. Then there are winners.

They don’t like winners, my friends, because when a winner comes, they need to pay this winner, so they don’t like to pay. They want everything from themselves. So, with my help, I will teaching you everything my friend, because I am, and I was in your shoes. I know how it feels to be misguided to lose money at Roulette with some stupid, softwares and strategies, and I know what it means to have this.

This arrogance from people who buy because they don’t they, don’t make in your TeamViewer session. They don’t call in your video call, they don’t showing you how to play so then I know how it feels to to stay and talk with these kind of people now the next step. What I would liked it you take in consideration is that I’m showing my face now, everybody on the internet who spread strategies and software on the internet.

They don’t showing themselves all right. So these kind of people who sell something they are knowing that they are hiding because they are scammers, so they are not liking to showing themselves because in the moment they know that they are scamming you, you can report them to police and like that they can Be throwing in jail now? What is the difference from me is that you can see me in the moment when you buy something from me. I give you my address. My bank account.

I am NOT double identity, I’m this person, so I have more than 500 videos on YouTube. Where I’m showing my face. You see me in my house, you see my real name, you see my my country, you see my city, so I I have nothing to hide because in fact I am giving you something very powerful.

So I’m very confident because I know that I I was making money in my own case all right. So I know that you were gon na make because I have even the power of the PC where I have recorded all my sessions, and you can watch me in real time how I play and you can see how I make money from casinos. So it will be very easy for you to understand even that how to play, because you will watch me in video tutorials, which I sent to you now. The another story is that I will play with you, so all the questions you have. Of course, you can talk with me and I can giving you the help you never have from the internet, because I know what I’m talking about.

I know how struggle was for me buying something the strategy or a book, and when I call that person and I emailed him, he never talked to me anymore, all right, so I know how it feels, but in my case you know like that. In the moment, you pay one of my programs. My programs are my expensive, but in the moment you receive you pay my programs, you receive my assistance, I call with you I play with you, I giving you the help. You need to understand roulette because it’s my passion is my pleasure to have students to help people to understand um, but because this knowledge is on money, we can talk about money. Now, in the fact, I don’t need your money telling you strictly.

I don’t need your money because being millionaire at the age of 30, I can do whatever I like to do and to not work anymore for two lives and I still have the money to live for two lives. But what I need from you is your sacrifice. So what means that it means that, for me, I have sacrificed myself for five years to understand roulette and for ten years I sacrificed myself to be a real, a professional gambler.

So, every time when I was playing – and I playing on roulette – it’s a job for me, so I am playing very, very pragmatically. I’M sacrifice myself, I know make. I don’t make mistakes, because any time when you make a mistakes, roulette doesn’t make mistakes, and in the moment you make a mistakes, roulette punish you. So for ten years I sacrificed myself to be a rule, a professional gambler to be in winnings all right. This is how I make six hundred and fifty thousand euros, so you need to sacrifice yourself, but how you will Stunna show me that you sacrifice, except that you don’t pay the money. So we will talk about the my programs, but what I’m trying to tell you is a little bit about me and about what you find on the Internet.

So remember. The first step when you find something on the Internet is that the people doesn’t show themselves. So this is a true scammer when you see that is not showing himself the second step, when you see a software which is $ 150 or for free that software is created, that you were gon na register from hey links to their casinos. So it’s not is not true, my friend, if you have a software, if you have a system that system works on any casino and if somebody telling you that you need to play on this casino or on that casino is giving you lies, it’s a scammer all Right, so you can understand how the scammer think, because this is how they hide themselves and they giving you banners and links, and they tell you play only on this link on this cuz. You know, because my secret, my strategy, my software, is working only in this casino is not too much. With my help.

You will see that you can beat any roulette in the world. You can play all over the world and there are many possibilities to play everywhere. You like, we can use VPN, so hide IP and you can play on every country.

You are wanted. So if you like to do like my students to travel the world to go to cruise ships and travel the world and you can play from your laptop and make tons on tons of money, I will teach you that, and I will explain you how to do It alright now, let’s talk about a little bit my experience and how I became to understand this roulette now in that five years, when I study all I have invested night and day I was going to play and when I didn’t play at red, I was recording And saving my calculations, I was saving my eat, my patterns. I was saving all the knowledge which I have gathered in these five years. So after five years I became to play professionally.

So I start to make my own fifty dollars after three five hundred dollars and I became to be better and better and better till I became to play in VIP mode where I win, even nine thousand twelve thousand eighty thousand euros in one session. There is possibility when you can play and win even twenty thousand. If you are playing in VIP mode, which is another story and about VIP, we can talk in the beginning, because you need to be good in understanding the mechanism, and after few months you can discuss about going in VIP. Now the VIP is the best way in where you can make money, because there are the money, but only to achieve to being a VIP. You need to understand all the basics and step by steps. So what I have found that people might be helped with my study, if I record all, I have done and help them.

So after a few years, I seem that I make money and I win in casi, I started to record my sessions. I’Ve started to record my games so like that I’ve created the DVD anatomy of lab. Now this DVD is ten gigabytes with knowledge with the secret which I found and it’s tons of calculations and patterns and all the secret about read ten gigabytes of video tutorials and because, at that time I was making two three thousand euros per month.

I was realized that these knowledge, if I sell to somebody, I need to give it to admit even five thousand euro. Why? Not? Because my my secret works in the moment you make three thousand euro as a beginner three thousand euro per month. It’S obvious that five thousand euro is not a high price for this DVD because making three thousand euro in two months. You recover the amount of money, but you have fifty years 17 years from now on to play at Roulette.

So imagine that the DVD is worth it to be five thousand euro. But what about this DVD? When somebody came new and tell me at you – and I don’t have five thousand euro even if I have. I don’t believe you, because it’s too much money. So how can I believe in you giving you to you? I don’t know you are giving you five thousand euro now.

This is the problem which I was having and I have with many students because they don’t. They don’t think that I can help them because they are paying five thousand euros, so they are spending so much money, investing so much money without knowing what I have. So this is what I’ve created with the time, something to showing me that I am NOT talking. Bullshit that I really have the knowledge to beating left so because I don’t want to giving you the DVD, the secret of roulette at five 500 euros or 100 euros. Because I can give you to my secrets, because these secrets make me six hundred and fifty thousand euros, so I can giving you for less.

But what I have done is that I can giving you some formulas. So I mean formula now for you. Many a formula means a strategy, but for me is a formula because I gather from 200 formulas the best egg formulas and these eight formats can be played through led. So when you come to me – and you tell me edge on – I don’t believe you – I don’t believe you’re my friend, I know I John alright, I have there are so many scammers. I have bought so many things from the internet.

I don’t believe you now. This is the first step, what everybody thinks all right, so they tell you and I don’t believe you I can giving you five thousand euro all right, what I what they want, they wan na prove and in the moment they want the proof they tell me ed. Young show me a proof, and I know because I have bad experience in the past. So what I have done in the past is that when somebody was asking me for the proof, I was gambling with him or I was showing to my money how I play or on his money with TeamViewer I was playing and I was making in 200-300 euros Now in the moment I was making two to three hundred euros. They was tell me again, I don’t believe you anymore or I still don’t believe you, because maybe it’s pure luck, let’s try another time, so they was asking me for another time, proof so another one. So after another one, so this proof comes infinitely for many of you guys.

So this is a time which I spent. The first step is that I’m showing one formula of mind or one secret of mine, so I invest even time to showing you the proof. So what you invest now everybody wants proof, but they don’t invest nothing. So what I became to understand is that I am focused only on people who want to sacrifice themselves so the DVD it’s 5,000 euro. But if you wan na prove, I can do a proof for you, like that. You don’t spend my time, because I have to do even something else.

If I’m doing three hours of proof to everybody who contacts me, I don’t do nothing anymore. Only proof all right. So I can stay only to show them proof, so what I’ve divided is a mini packs.

So I giving you at five hundred and fifty euros one formula – and you can play this for now for three sessions, so I mean three sessions. What means is that one session is that you add one thousand and five hundred euros, two thousand euro and you make three hundred euros per session. So you play three sessions and you make nine hundred euros. You were gon na have winning or three hundred and fifty euros from three sessions, so you in three hundred and fifty euros now this formula is not maked for you to make money, so you will volunteer well at remember. Why is not working for ten hours?

For ten sessions for twenty sessions, when you need to understand that to beat Roulette forever, you need to have my DVD five thousand euro, because this is the knowledge which I have to beat roulette. So when I giving you a formula, is one formula, but you can’t play over and over again with one formula roulette because red is intelligent. It will track and understand your mood. So after that, it’s obvious that it will not giving you any more the possibility to beat her because it’s knowing how you are playing after a few sessions and it will playing against your sessions. So this is against your bets. So this is why you need to understand that one forma.

I promise you that is working for three session only, but it is only for you to see a proof like that. You don’t make me making you three hours of proof. You don’t pay nothing!

You spend my time and I don’t do anything else than proof, so this is how we can discussed about professional gamblers. So you want to invest something remember what I have invested when I have studied internet, so I invested more than fifty thousand euro. So for you, if you want to sacrifice yourself or to show me that you respect me, you need to pay at least five hundred and fifty euros so like that, I giving you one formula: you can keep the formula forever. You can keep that formula, but what I promise you that is working is forty sessions. So if you are playing for more and you lose, you know that I not promise you more, but if you want to win more, you have the possibility. The same things I give you a mini pack where you can spend to play a few months with eight formulas all right, so you can play with eight formulas.

Dna formula, 2500 euros every three days. You can play one sessions now I tell you for life. You can play for life, you can use for life, but what I promise you that it will working it’s again for three to three months.

Why? Because I am NOT promising something that I not keeping my promise all right. So remember. When I tell you again, I return to the DVD now what I play to win and make six hundred and fifty thousand euro is the knowledge from the DVD all right. So everything else, one formula formula: this is mini bags.

This is only for you to prove in you that is working now, of course, you can use for life. You can have it because in the moment I send it to you, you can use it on any device you like forever, but when you tell me how much can i play? I cannot promise you more than three sessions. If you have one formula 550 euros or three months, if you have eight formulas, which goes 2500 euros all right, so if you wan na play for life every day to understand roulette, you need to have the DVD anatomy overlap all right.

This is the program. This is the secret. The DVD are not on your end, so this is what I play right.

The DVD are not on your bullet once you know and learn all the stuff from the DVD or not that you can understand, and we do let forever every day. There’S no limit on how much can you make just make sessions, be good in studying the DVD and like that, you make all right now. Of course you will say what is the perfect formula now. As you see, the perfect formula is 26 sessions, which cost another 5,000 euro now on a means perfect formula. Now in the moment you study the DVD and you play.

You see me how I play in real time, but what I have seen that many students has told me agian. Can I see people who play with you so what I have seen that there are many students who likes to see me how I play with my students so like that they see that students win, because I have some poly mix where people has told me that Aegean, maybe you beat to roulette, but I still don’t understand roulette. So I am not like you. I want to be like you, but make me something to be much better for me much easier. So in that way I created a perfect formula.

Where are 26 sessions, where I play, I record the screen of the game and my students are playing and you see how they win session by sessions all right. So this is another 5,000 euro because you have the DVD, but you see even my students how they are playing in the DVD anatomy or let you see me how I play on my money, but in the perfect formula you see students who play on their own Money and they win all right, so you will see the sessions. So in the moment, when you study the perfect formula, it will be much confidence for you to see that if they can do it, it’s obvious, then you can do the same thing. The same process. Alright, so this is how you were gon na do in your own way. Alright, now that’s for any reason, you watch my tutorials and you trust me because in the fact in the end, it’s on the trust.

Now I don’t have nothing to hide. I told you that I’m showing my face in five hundred videos on YouTube when you pay me something I give you my real address. You have my real name, you see my house, you see my face, so you have something if, for any reason, you believe that I scamming you so you have my face. You can report me to police is five thousand euro, so you can do that if you think that I’m a scammer, but I know what I have because this is why I’m showing myself I know what I have – and I know that I will help in you Because why should I not have me know how I made six hundred fifty thousand euro? If I didn’t want to roulette alright, so you need to understand it.

You need to take my words and not my words, because I really be drew it alright. Now you become to trust me alright, so let’s say you become to trust me and understand me: you can buy all my programs at seven thousand and five hundred euros right. Then you take all the programs we play together. We spend time and showing you how to do it and you can study for your own all the knowledge or every time when you have a question.

You can question me and like that I can respond to you and I can helping you till you become a rillette professional gambler. But if you take one by one, the programs will cost you twelve thousand and five hundred euros. And why tell you that now, if you buy the one formula, which is a proof 550 euros, if you after three session you decide to take the eight DNA formulas, two thousand and five hundred euros, you can pay me only one thousand, eight, nine hundred and fifty Euros so you pay me only the rest till two thousand and five hundred euros, but if you want to pay me the DVD, you can play with a DNA formula. You have three months now in three months.

If you play exactly as I teaching you with two thousand and five hundred euros, you can make nine thousand your. So when you make nine thousand euro, you have money to invest in the DVD all right, so you pay again five thousand euro. So you have the possibility to pay that don’t think about in the beginning of winning so much because it’s not my point to making you win so much in the beginning. My point is to giving you all my knowledge to study first and after that you have all your life to make money. Alright, so remember what I’m teaching you, if you buy one, buy one, my programs, you will gon na pay two thousand and five hundred euro for the DNA formula, which you will gon na play one session only every three days you can’t play on many casinos. You stay focused only on a casino and you play one session every three days for three months.

I promise you that is working. You can keep for your life, but I’m not promise you that is working for life, because I am NOT playing DNA formulas right. What I’m playing is the DVD artemyev left, so this is the secret where I’m playing alright, but you can keep for your life, the formulas now after three months, you turn to me: you buy the DVD are not on your lap and I giving you even the Dvd, so this is the secret. There is the knowledge where you need to have it all right after few months, when you decide – and you want to see even my students how they are playing – and you want to see you in the perfect formula – you pay another five thousand euro and you take Even the perfect formula, alright, my friend now these programs cost money, all investment, even if you take one by one, is twelve thousand and fifty euros and five hundred euros. But what you need to understand is that minimum from beginning you were gon na make three thousand euros or three thousand pounds depends on what you are playing dollars, pounds or euros per month.

Now. This is something which nobody gives it to everybody selling you millions of euros, but nobody is confident like me. This is why I promise you something – and I keep my words if I am NOT able to promise you. That means that I’m not keeping, because I cannot promise you – and I don’t give my word, but all I give on my word. That means that is true, 100 %.

So what you need to understand first, is that or you buy all programs, 7,000 M, 500 euros or one by one, twelve thousand and five hundred euros, but remember even if you are in the beginning, making only three thousand euro per month you in in six months, Even in six months in in four months, you recover the investment, my friend, because in four months you can make three six nine, twelve thousand. So in four months you recover all the investment, but remember you have fifty sixty years from now to make money from casinos. Casinos cannot track the secret and the mistakes roulette make. This is the secret and it will be after hundreds of years because they don’t know they don’t know how to to change that. It’S impossible to change that now, even if the casino change the mistakes in the roulette, you will know because when you count the numbers, you see the mistakes and that mistakes.

When you see that it’s appearing, you bet, if you don’t see that mistake, then you don’t bet and again you play again and again until you see the mistake, so even if they will find in some way or another to track that mistake, they can do nothing Because you will know, even if the mistakes is working or not all right, so it’s very simple, my friends, I know because right now you don’t have my knowledge, you don’t know what it means to be. Do let but believe me, my friend, I am a real proof that I beat roulette for ten years. I bid roulette. There are many Tummie. You have lost one time I never lost, because you can’t lose. You will never lose.

If you do too correctly. The thing you never lose because mathematically, it’s perfect when we talk about numbers, it’s all perfect. You can’t lose is like how we count right now.

23 / 5 is the same results. It’S like. Can we count 75 / 5 is the same count. Anything you do is the same count.

It’S not different, counting mathematics doesn’t mix means mathematics. Is it’s perfect, my friend, so this is what I can give him to you and what I can do for you. So remember. One formula is only for your proof, like that. You have three sessions, you can see on your eyes and you can make money.

So it’s working or you buy the DNA if opt for eight formulas, 2500 euros, but you play only one session every three days now. I promise you that it will work for three months, but you can keep it for your life. So if you want play for life, it’s okay, but what I can promise you is that it’s working for three months, why is working only three months is working.

Maybe much more, but I’m not promised you more than three months. Why? I tell you why? Because I play the DVD anatomy of blood, I’m not playing DNA for more. I play DVD anatomy of red, which is 5000 euro, and this is what you need to have all right.

If you want to buy the perfect formula, is okay, but the most important program is the DVD anatomy of lab, because there is the secret and there you will gon na understand the red and the mistake blend mix. Alright keep going. My friends hope you have enjoyed that remember when I’m teaching to you and when I told you there are scammers and they are not showing themselves. There are manager of casinos who spread to the Internet, hundreds of winners, and they want only that.

You register from their account in their casinos again. If you go to my website, you see my websites roulette hot wing, calm, calm, I’ve in general, all right internet. This is for Italy and regular lady puno from Romania. You go on roulette how to win calm and you will never see an ad from casinos because I am not affiliated with casino, so you will never see ads with banners of casinos to my website because I’m not with casinos.

I’M with you guys. I’Ve made more than 650,000 euros and you can do that step by step, minimum 3000 euro you can make from beginning now, when you will gon na play VIP with two hundred thousand euro. You can make thirty thousand euro in one session.

So we talk about real real money here, but you don’t have to think to the VIP right now. You need to believe and study my work and make 3000 euro per month. It’S okay! For you to make in 3000.

In the beginning and step by step, you will become better and better and better good luck. My friends hope you enjoy it. Remember that I’ve studied more than 600 books about.

Let go to my website and watch all I have studied 10 %. What I have studied I showing there, but I started tons and tons of books software’s everything about red. I am the master of red and I can prove you. Let me showing you, but, as I told you, you need to sacrifice yourself to if you don’t have even 550 euros to take one formula, don’t come to me because I don’t have time for everybody. We are few gamblers roulette professional gamblers. Now this secret is for everybody you can have, even if you’re poor, if you know, even if you are each you can have my knowledge, it doesn’t matter what kind of people you are I’m talking with you like I’m talking with my friends, but you need to Respect my work, I’ve sacrifice for my life now you need to pay this program best regards and we talk inside members area.