Grenier Games began publishing and selling wargames in the summer of 2004. We are a relatively small company but still intend to produce quality games that are fun and challenging.

Grenier Games is a new wargaming company formed by Eric Grenier, a wargamer and game designer for over 10 years. Eric Grenier designed his first wargame before entering high school. This wargame was based on Axis and Allies and spawned a series of game designs by Eric that with each design became more historically accurate, complex, fun, and challenging. Once these designs had reached their pinnacle stage, Eric began selling World War II in the West through Conquest Gaming Company in December 2002, satisfying over 60 customers with a limited printing run and even more limited exposure. Eric Grenier has designed games for both the European and Pacific theatres during the Second World War as well as games for the First World War for private use. Grenier Games is excited to now make the descendants of these original designs available to the public.

Also with Grenier Games is graphics designer Bill Jhoslien. Bill Jhoslien first heard of Grenier Games after searching for a game to fill the void between the simpler wargames and the 100 page rule book variety.  He found that in World War II in the West/East.  During a lull in gaming, Bill Jhoslien re-designed the East African map addition using Adobe Photoshop.  As a result of this great and promising first draft, Eric commissioned him to design and produce all of the graphics for Distant Foreign Fields. Bill lives in South Florida and has been playing various wars games since he moved down in 1990 to work for Motorola as an electrical engineer.  Starting with Supremacy and MBT he now enjoys World War II in the West/East as well as Axis and Allies, Railroad Empire, Rail Baron and Chess.  He is married with 3 children.

Grenier Games is proud of its products and is excited to be entering the wargaming industry which is now in its own Renaissance. We are confident that we will be a part of this industry for many years to come, providing quality products to hobbyists young and old

Grenier Games is located in Kingston, Ontario, a city steeped in military history and an influential player in KingstonCanadian history. Kingston is home to the Royal Military College as well as Queen’s University, one of the premier schools in Canada. Kingston’s beautiful waterfront and historic Fort Henry have brought tourists to the city for decades.