A Huge Difference

1 million combinations that is the ultimate high variance slot it has a variance factor of 1 point 0 0 or 100% in other words there is no middle ground you get 0 or all the RTP one spin so we want to make that a 96% RTP slot like most of the master what do we do we make those six sevens payout nine hundred and sixty thousand pounds for your one pound stake and obviously that’ll be too brutal to play well that’s an example of how it works now let’s make the same slot but the ultimate low variance game at 96% we take all the zeros off the reels and replace with seven. Read more about slots strategies at CasinoSlots.

So every single spin you get six evans though obviously based on a million permutations every spin would pay ninety six pence be the ultimate boring slot almost like starburst every spin you get ninety six feet back for your one pound state because you’ve got a million a million times more winning combinations now let’s say we made that ninety two percent and it was a simple slot with no features no random in play features no bonus rounds account it’s just pays on the reals like a normal three real basic slot does RTP is that important because let’s say you had the ultimate zero variance game that paid out that ninety six pence every spin okay with a 96% RTP for your hundred quid deposit okay getting ninety six pounds back every spin you would get about two thousand five hundred four hundred spins on it okay before you bust losing for peer spin that’s obviously you get ninety six quid back after the first hundred spins and about 91 pounds something back after the second hundred spins and so on so it’d take you about two thousand five hundred spins to bust something like that I did work it out I haven’t got the exact figures so RTP at 96% let’s say we have that exact same zero variance slot but at 92% so we’ve reduced the RTP from twenty-four twenty-fifths 96% to twenty three twenty fifths ninety two percent in other words ninety six down to ninety two percent because we’re juicing it by one twenty four ninety six down to 92 you get ninety two pence every spin doing the same as we’ve just done starting off at 100 quid.

You would get about thirteen to fourteen hundred spins on it yes there’s a huge difference you come down over a thousand spins your balance would last for just four four percent reduction so you’re – you’re two thousand four and a lot of spins is now reduced about thirteen it’s gone down by 40% so exponentially reducing the RTP from 96 to 92 which is 4% has had a 40% ten times more exponentially effects on your game roll over your turnover and your longevity of your balance so yes it can make a huge difference so even a small RTP difference to make a huge difference to your gameplay.